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TV Truck 1: NATIVE 4K

Technical Equipment Specs PMTV-658A4

53’ 4K/UHD/HD Expando Mobile Production Trailer

Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame 5 M/E 

Secondary Switcher: Grass Valley Korona 2 M/E

Graphics: Chyron Mosaic & Ross XPression Available

Cameras: Wired for (16) 4K/HD Cameras

    Sony HDC-4300 4K/HFR & PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Available

Lenses: Fujinon 4K Premier UHD & 4K Plus Premier

Replay: Wired for (4) EVS 12-Channel XT4K & (24) Ki Pro's

Audio Board: Calrec Artemis Light Digital Mixing Console

Coms: RTS Adam 168-Port Intercom System

TV Truck 2: Dual 3G/HD

Dual 3G/HD Expando Mobile Production Trailers
[A-Unit Expando, B-Unit Expando]

Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame 9 M/E

Graphics: Chyron Mosaic

Cameras: 14+ Sony HDC-2500 Multi-Format 

Lenses: 5-100x, 3-86x, 2-75x, 2-22x, 2-14x7 Wide-Angle

Replay: EVS 48-Channels, High-Speed XNET

Audio Board: Calrec Apollo Surround Sound Console

Coms: RTS Adam 368-Port Intercom System


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-9666D

TV Truck 3: Dual 3G/HD


Dual 40’ & 32’ HD Mobile Production Trucks

[A-Unit Expando, B-Unit Straight]
Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne 4.5 M/E  
Graphics: Duet Duet HyperX3, Lyric & SketchHD
Cameras: GVG LDK-8000 & LDK-4000 HD Triax Cameras
Lenses: 3-95x, 2-80x, 1-55x, 1-42x, 3-22x, 4-Wide Angle
Replay: 2x EVS XT3 LSM 8-Channel, XFile3, XFly2,

   & Numerous VTR Formats
Audio Board: Solid State Logic C10 HD Digital Mixing Console
Coms: RTS Cronus 64-Port Digital Matrix 
Wireless: RF Mics, RF IFB, RF Camera Systems & More.

Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-D8BDA

TV Truck 4: HD


36' HD Mobile Production Truck

Switcher: Grass Valley Karrera 3 M/E w/ Sport Package

Graphics: Chyron HyperX3 2-Channel & Lyric Pro Software

Cameras: Sony HSC-300 HD Multi-Format

Record/Replay: 2 EVS XT3 LSM, EVS XS3 SpotBox,
   GV Solo DVR, AJA Ki Pro

Audio: Yamaha CL5 72-Channel Console, 24 Mix Busses,

   Native Dante Interface
Coms: RTS Cronus 56-Port Digital Matrix, ST 

   w/ 8 Wet Channels


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-38E6D

TV Truck 5: HD


40' Expando Mobile Production Truck

Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne 4.5 M/E Switcher
Graphics: Chyron Mosaic
Cameras: Sony HDC-950 HD Fiber 
Lenses:  3-77x, 3-22x, Fujinon 
Record/Replay:  2 EVS LSM 7/4 Channels, Spotbox, XFile
Audio: Calrec Artemis Light 40 Mixing Console w/ Full 5.1 SS
Coms: RTS Zeus III Digital Matrix Intercom System


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-1A595

TV Truck 6: HD

24' HD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

Switcher: Ross Carbonite Black Plus 2 M/E 24 Input Switcher

Graphics: Ross XPression Studio 2-Channel v6.5 Software

Cameras: Grass Valley LDX 80/82 Flex w/ Dual Elite CCU’s

Lenses: Fujinon 12x, 17x & 22x Lenses

Record/Replay: Newtek 3Play 440 Instant Replay System

Audio: Yamaha QL1 32-Channel Digital Mixer w/ Dante

Coms: Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Delta 32-Port Intercom Matrix

Full Equipment SpecsPMTV-050B2

TV Truck 7: HD TriCaster

25' HD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van
Switcher: Newtek TriCaster 855
Graphics: Newtek LiveType 2.6 CG System
Cameras: Sony XDCAM EX3 CineAlta 

   Fiber Optic 720p, 1080i, or 1080p
Lenses: 22x Standard w/ Interchangeable Mounts

   Allowing Client to Choose Alternative Lenses

Record/Replay: Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio 8-Source
Audio Board: PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2.AI Console

   32 Channels, 8 AUX Channels
Coms: Clear-Com Wired & Wireless RF Systems
Streaming: via TriCaster 855 over IP or Mushroom Networks

Steamer Pro Bonded Cellular 3G/4G


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-10119

TV Truck 8: HD


36' HD Mobile Production Truck
Switcher: Ross Carbonite Plus 2 M/E Switcher
Graphics: Ross XPression, Chyron HyperX3 & Lyric Software
Cameras: GVG LDK-3000 & LDK- 8000 Multi-Format
Lenses: 1-76x, 3-55x, 1-20x, 3-17x 
Record/Replay: GVG K2 Summit & Dyno, AJA Ki Pro HDD
Audio Board: Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console 
Coms: RTS Zeus III 32-Port Digital Intercom Matrix


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-3F004

TV Truck 9: HD


26' HD Mobile Production Towed Trailer
Switcher: Ross Carbonite 2 M/E 24 I/P Switcher
Graphics: Ross XPression, Mac ProPresenter, ClipStore 
Cameras: Sony HXC 100K 1920x1080 
Lenses: Cann 20x8.5 HD Lenses, 13x4.5 & 9x6 Wide-Angle
Record/Playout: 6-Channel SloMo Replay, AJA Ki Pro HDD, 

Panasonic 1200A DVR
Audio Board: Allen&Heath iLive-T112 Digital Mixing Console 
Coms: RTS Intercom & Speaker Stations
Streaming: Digital Rapids Live Streaming Box


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-6AF25

TV Truck 10: HD Dual TriCaster


Dual NewTek TriCaster 860 & TriCaster 40 for Redundancy
ChyronHego Lyric PRO IP Graphics System 
Sportzcast ScoreBot System
5 Sony Fiber Cameras with CCU
Wireless HD Camera RF Systems 
Digital & Variable Lenses Available
3Play 425 Replay System - 4x2 I/O
40-Channels Audio System
Telex Intercom System

Full Equipment SpecsPMTV-1F80A

TV Production Trucks - Outside Broadcast - Remote Production Units - Mobile Video Trucks - OB Vans

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