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Ku-Band Uplink Trucks & Flypacks

C-Band Uplink Trucks & Flypacks

C/Ku Hybrid Uplink Trucks

Combo Production/Uplink Trucks
Streaming Transmission Services

IP SAT Uplink Vehicles for Live Streaming

IP SAT Uplink for WiFi & Cellular Event Support

MAC, PC and Black Box Encoding & Technician Services
Affiliated Services

Satellite Transponder Space Domestic USA and International
Venue Fiber IXC Transmission Services & Management
Teleport UpLink/DownLink Turnaround Services 
Format Conversions, IP Encoding, Closed Captioning, etc. 


The Uplink Specifications below represent Various Level Units that we provide to our clients nationwide.  
All Satellite Trucks include staff Engineers.

PMTV also provides Operating Crew Services Nationwide. 

Uplink 1


40' Expando COMBO HD Production & Ku-Band Uplink
Switcher: Grass Valley Kalypso 4 M/E
Graphics: Chyron Hyperx3 HD
Cameras: 6 Sony HDC-1500 Fiber Cameras
Lenses: 2-70x, 2-60x, 2-21x Lenses
Record/Replay: 2 EVS XT2's 6 Channel LSM
Audio Board: Calrec Omega Bluefin Console
Coms: RTS Cronus 96x96 Digital Matrix Intercom System


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-6D6BA

Uplink 2


36' HD COMBO Production & Ku-Band Uplink
Switcher: Grass Valley Karrera 2 M/E 48 I/P w/ ClipStore
Graphics: Chyron HyperX3 2-Ch w/ Clip Player, Lyric 7.1 
Cameras: GV LDK-3000+ Multi Format HD w/ TriaxHD Adapters
Lenses:  2-77x, 2-50x, 3-20x, 1-7.7 Wide Angle Lenses
Record/Replay: EVS XT3 8-Channel Server w/ RCU Controllers
Audio Board: Yamaha M7CL Digital Mixing Console
Coms: RTS Cronus CX 32-Port Digital Matrix Frame 
TX: 2.4m KU Antenna 4-Port, Dual 400w MCL Amps, MPEG-2 

Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-A77BD

Uplink 3

20' HD COMBO Production & Ku-Band IP Satellite Truck

Switcher: Ross Carbonite 2 M/E 16 I/P Switcher w/ Touch Screen.
Graphics: Ross XPression Studio, 1-Channel CG System,

Interfaces to the Ross Switcher.
Cameras: 4 Panasonic AG-HPX500 2/3” HD Cameras w/ CCU's
Lenses: 4x Canon 20:1 
Record/Replay: NewTek 3Play 3x3 I/O 
Audio: Mackie 1604VLZ4 16-Channel Mixer
Coms: Clear-Com 10-Channel Pl, Clear-Com 4 Channel IFB System


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-001773

Uplink 4


24' HD Ku-Band Uplink Mercedes Van 
2.4 Meter 4 Port Antenna 
Kyrion ATEME CM-5000 MPEG2, MPEG 4 SD/HD with

16 channels of audio Low Latency encoders.   

*Single or Dual channel, built-in modulation, MPEG-2/MPEG-

4 video compression standards.
2 MCL 400 Watt Transmitters with Phase Combiner 
2 Data Stable Up Converters 
Ericsson 5788 SD/HD Encoders 
Ericsson 5740 SD Encoders 
Sencor MPEG 2 & MPEG 4 IRD with 16 Channels of Audio 


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-1770KU

Uplink 5


Hybrid Ku-Band IP Satellite & Bonded Cellular Transmission 

Broadcast & Live Streaming 

Ku-Band (11.70-12.20 GHz) PLL LNB and 

Dual Bonded Cellular Systems

TriCaster System with 4 Cameras, Graphics, Replay

up to 4 wireless camera systems. 

Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-1F80A

DriveAway & FlyAway

Mobile IP Satellite Vehicles

Mobile Satellite IP WiFi Hotspot & Cellular Access 

Custom Solutions when WiFi or Cell Signals are Not Available.

Ku-Band Satellite Vehicle / 2 Way Transmission Send/Receive,

IP Modems, perimeter deployed WiFi Hotspots for Internet

and Cell Services.

Scalable Solutions for your Event Staff and Audience.

Link Budgets based on total users access requested.

IP Satellite Uplink Service
Live On-site Webcasting and Broadcasting
Remote Business & Digital File Transfer

Satellite News Gathering

Emergency Response Systems

Live News and Special Event Coverage

Specifications provided with link budget.

IP SAT Motor Scooter


Satellite IP Motor Bike for News Gathering
Complete SatCom Solution based on a motorbike
Low cost Satellite Uplink Vehicle
Powerful Communications up to 30 Mbps

Ultra Mobile SatCom Solution

One-Man Transport and Operation

2 Ways high data rates communications

First to establish a broadband link from the field

Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-1770KUMoto

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