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-Broadcast & Live Streaming Events-

The Truck Specifications below Represent Various Level Solutions that PMTV provide's to our Clients.  
All Units include staff Engineers.

PMTV also provides Operating Crew Services Nationwide. 

4K/3G Flypack Systems

Equipment Summary 
Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame 4 M/E Switcher
Ross XPression Live CG & Graphics Package
Panasonic AK-UC3000 GSJ 4K Fiber Camera Systems
Lenses:  ENG, Wide Angle, Long Lenses Available 
Recording: AJA Ki PRO ULTRA 4K/Ultra 4K 60P
Audio: Yamaha QL1 Console

     Other consoles available on request
Coms: Riedel Com Systems to any level required. 


Large Sensor cameras also available 
Panasonic Varicam LT 4K Super 35mm Image Sensors Cameras
Arri Alexa S35 Large Format Camera Systems
**Clients may also provide own cameras with advance agreement

Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-E20DE

PMTV 4K/3G Portable Video Flypack System

HD Portable Flypack Systems

Equipment Summary 

15 Camera Broadcast Sports Level Flypack

Switcher: GVG K-Frame Kayenne Switcher

Graphics: HyperX, VizRT, etc. 

Cameras: Sony 2500 or as requested

Lenses: 100x, 80x, 60x, ENG & Wide-Angle

Replay: EVS XT3 Networking

Audio Board: Calrec Artemis Beam 

Coms:  Telex Adam 320 Ports


Full Equipment Specs:  PMTV-3CB47


HD Video Flypack System

Equipment Summary 

5 Camera HD Flypack

Switcher: HD FOR-A HVS 300HS 12 Input

Graphics: Client Choice

Cameras: Panasonic HD P2 AG-HPX-370 w/ CCU

Lenses: 17x1 Standard, Additional Available

Record: P2 Tapeless options

Audio Board:  Yamaha 01V96 Digital, 16 Channels

Coms: RTS 10 Channels


Full Equipment Specs:  PMTV-7C66D


HD Video Flypack System

Equipment Summary 

HD Flypack System Live Streaming Solution

Switcher: Ross Carbonite 24 input, 2 M/E

Graphics: Ross XPression, MAC Pro Presenter

Cameras: Sony HXC 100K 1080i/720p Triax 

Lenses: 20x8.5 Zoom Lenses

Record/Replay: 5 Aja Ki Pro HDR, 6 Channel Replay Unit

Audio Board:  A&H T-112, 112 Channel Console

Coms: RTS 10 Channel Intercom System

Streaming: Digital Rapids Live Streaming Box


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-67EE4

Customizable Flypack Systems

Additional HD Flypack Portable Systems based on: 

Tricaster 8000 Flypacks, 855, 800, 450/400, 40, etc.

BlackMagic ATEM based Flypacks

Ross Carbonite/CrossOver Flypacks

Grass Valley/LDK Flypacks

Don't see what you are looking for?

Contact PMTV for a Quick & Easy Solution. 


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