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PMTV East Coast Headquarters

Phone: 1 (610) 768-1770

Fax: 1 (610) 768-1773

General Email: info(at)pmtv.com

Invoice Submissions: invoice(at)pmtv.com

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Providing the Newest 4K/UHD/HDR Facilities - 53' HD Multi-Trailer & Single Expando Units - Economical 30-45’ Trucks 
- Cost-Effective Ross Carbonite & XPression, Blackmagic, NewTek TriCaster & 3Play Technology -

**Mobile Production Facilities that Support the New REMI Production Model**

Providing TRUE 4K/UHD & 3G/HD Capable Outside Broadcast Facilities Worldwide.

The Truck Specifications below Represent Various Level Mobile Production Units that PMTV provides to our Clients.  
All Units include staff Engineers. 

PMTV also provides Operating Crew Services Nationwide.

TV Truck 1: A+B Units


Dual 53’ 3G-HD Expando Production Trailers

Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame

Graphics: Chyron Mosaic

Cameras: 14+ Sony HDC-2500 Multi-Format 

Lenses: 5-100x, 3-86x, 2-75x, 2-22x, 2-14x7 Wide Angle

Replay: EVS 48 Channels, High-Speed XNET

Audio Board: Calrec Apollo Surround Sound Console

Coms: Adam 368 Port Intercom System


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-9666

TV Truck 2: A+B Units


Dual 40’ & 30’ HD Production Trailers

[A-Unit Expando, B-Unit Straight Body]
Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame 
Graphics: Duet HyperX
Cameras: 10 GVG LDK 8000 HD Triax Cameras
Lenses: 3-95x, 2-80x, 1-55x, 1-42x, 3-22x, 4-Wide Angle
Replay: 2x 7-Channel EVS HD XT3 LSM, Xfile, X-Fly 2,

and numerous VTR formats
Audio Board: SSL C-10 HD Console
Coms: RTS Cronus 64 Port digital matrix 
Wireless: RF Mics, RF IFB, RF Camera Systems

Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-D8BDA

TV Truck 3


36' HD Production Truck

Switcher: Grass Valley Karrera 3 M/E with Sport Package.

4 keyers per M/E, 12 2d DPM’s, 2 IDPM’s, Double Take,

Image Store with Movies
Graphics: Chyron Hyper X3 2 Ch. Lyric Pro SW.

Cameras: Sony HSC-300 Multi-Format HD Cameras 

Record/Replay: 2 EVS XT3 LSM, 1 EVS XS3 Spotbox,
GV Solo DVR, AJA Ki Pros

Audio: Yamaha CL5 72 Ch. console, 24 Mix Busses,

Native Dante Interface
Coms: RTS Cronus 56 port digital matrix intercom, Studio

Technologies interfaces with 8 wet channels


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-38E6D

TV Truck 4


40' Expando TV Production Trailer

Switcher: Grass Valley Kayenne 4.5 M/E Switcher
Graphics: Chyron Mosaic
Cameras:  6 Sony HDC-950 cameras
Lenses:  3-77x, 3-22x, Fujinon Lenses
Record/Replay:  2 EVS LSM 7/4 Channels, Spotbox, XFile
Audio: Calrec Artemis Light 40 Mixing Console w/Full 5.1 
Coms:  RTS Zeus III, Digital Matrix Intercom System


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-1A595

TV Truck 5

26' Sprinter Production Van

Switcher: Ross Carbonite Black Plus 2 M/E 24 Inputs
Graphics: Ross XPression 2 Channels
Cameras: GVG LDX 80 Flex with CCU'S, Fiber
Lenses: Fujinon Lenses
Record/Replay: Newtek 3P440 4 Camera Replay System
Audio: Yamaha QL1 32 Channels, Dante Options  
Coms: Clearcom PL & IFB Systems

Full Equipment SpecsPMTV-050B2


TV Truck 6


25' HD Mercedes Benz Sprinter Production Van
Switcher: Newtek TriCaster 855 Video Production System
Graphics: Newtek LiveType 2.6 Graphics 
Cameras: Sony EX-3 Cine Alta Cameras Fiber Optic 720p,

1080i, or 1080p
Lenses: 22x Standard, Interchangeable Mount allows

additional lens selection to client requirements.
Record/Replay: 8 record sources via Blackmagic Design

HyperDeck Studio Video Recorder/Players
Audio Board: PreSonus 32.4.2.AI Digital Console 32 Ch., 

8 Aux Channels.
Coms: Clear-Com Wired & Wireless Systems
Streaming: via TriCaster 855 over IP or Mushroom Networks

Steamer Pro Bonded Cellular 3G/4G


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-10119

TV Truck 7


36' HD TV Truck Straight Body
Switcher: Ross Carbonite Plus
Graphics: Ross XPression & Chyron HyperX 2 

2-Channel HD with Lyric 6/7 SW
Cameras: 5 GVG LDK-3000 Fiber/TRIAX Cameras
Lenses: 3-55x, 20x, 17x Lenses
Record/Replay: GVG K2 Server, GVG K2 Solo, 6 Aja

Ki Pro HDD Recorders
Audio Board: Yamaha LS9 AES Console 
Coms:  RTS Zeus 24 Port Digital Matrix Intercom System
Streaming: ViewCast Niagara 7500, up to 720P


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-3F004

TV Truck 8


26' HD Mobile Production Trailer
Switcher: Ross Carbonite 24 Input 2 M/E Switcher
Graphics: Ross XPression, Mac System, Pro Presenter, ClipStore 
Cameras: Sony HXC 100K 1920x1080 Cameras
Lenses: Cann 20x8.5 HD Lenses, 13x4.5 &  9x6 WA lenses
Record/Playout: 6 Channel Slo-Mo Replay Unit, 5 AJA

Ki Pro HDD, Panasonic 1200A DVR
Audio Board: Allen & Heath T-112 Digital Console 
Coms: RTS Intercom and Speaker Stations
Streaming: Digital Rapids Live Streaming Box


Full Equipment Specs: PMTV-6AF25

TV Truck 9


Dual TriCaster Systems TCX-860 & TC 40 for Redundancy
ChyronHego Lyric PRO IP Graphics System 
Sportzcast ScoreBot System
5 Sony Cameras Fiber with CCU
Wireless HD Camera RF Systems 
Digital & Variable Lenses available
3Play 425 Replay System - 4 In/2 Out
40 Channels Audio System
Telex Intercom System.

Full Equipment SpecsPMTV-1F80A

TV Production Trucks - Outside Broadcast - Remote Production Units - Mobile Video Trucks - OB Vans

PMTV-6AF25 Floor Plan

Floor Plan & Seating Positions