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PMTV offers Mobile Television Trucks worldwide, from the newest 53' Multi Trailer HD Expando fleet offerings to mainstream single unit 53' HD/3G/4K TV Trucks, and 30-40' economical HD TV Truck solutions. And for 2014 (and due to demand) we are also featuring a few of the newest mobile units featuring BlackMagic, NewTek Tricaster/3Play and Ross Carbonite/Ross Xpressions workflow mobile solutions.


Tricaster Technology


36' Ross Carbonite, Chyron HyperX 2 Lyric 6/7 Single Clip Player, (or Ross Xpressions) 5 LDK-3000 Multiformat Triax Cameras, (3) 55  & 20/17x HH Lenses, GVG K2 Summit Server with Dyno Replay, Yamaha LS9-32 Console, Telex Zeus Coms, Live Streaming Encoders, etc. To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-3F004


22' Ross Carbonite, Ross Xpressions, 6 Hitachi SK HD-1000 FIber Channel Cameras, 8 Blackmagic SSD Hyperdeck, Digital Audio Console, etc.

To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-052C7

20' Ross Carbonite, Chyron Micro-X CG, 6 Sony HXC-1000 P2 Digital Triax Cameras w/CCU's, 20x & 40x Lenses, EVS Nano Replay, any format recording and streaming encoding! To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-66D3D


18' Ross Crossover, Presenter Pro CG package, Sony HXC-1000 Fiber cameras, Aja KiPro recorders, 30' CamMate Jib, Digital Rapids Stream Box and CDN for Live Streaming events.  To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-6AF25

Tricaster 850, Newtek 3PLAY slomo replay system, 5 Sony HD Fiber Cameras, HDD recording and/or P2 Cards on camera, a great choice for LIVE STREAMING Sports, Concerts or BIZ TV meetings/conferences.  To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-1F80A

Tricaster 850 Extreme HD TV Production unit, Newtek 3Play Replay Server, AJA KiPro's, Chyron IP Graphics System (Compatible with Duet/HyperX), RTZ Zeus III Coms, etc. AND changeable lens configuration!  To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-61DFF


So called "TRADITIONAL" HD Broadcast TV Trucks:

5 TV Truck Unified Production


How about 150 feet of TV TRUCK?  A,B, and C 53' Production Trailers (and 2 Optional 53' B units available) - 30+ Cameras including 4 Super Motion Cameras, 101x, 80x. 22x and Wide angle lenses, 42 Channels of EVS plus 4 SuperMo EVS, Calrec 162 Stereo Channel console..  NFL, NASCAR, Olympics, and your BIG SHOW!!  Check out the specs for this monster multi-truck solution: PMTV-7459C

40' Expando TV Truck, Grass Valley Kayenne Switcher, 7 GVG LDK 8000 Cameras 95x, 80x, 22x Lenses, GVG K2 Summit Production Server (8 Channels ISO Record, or SloMo Replay) Duet HyperX, wireless camera signal transmitter systems, an excellent all around solution for any event. To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-D8BDA


45' TV Truck, Grass Valley Kayenne, 7 GVG LDK 3000 Cameras 77x, 17x,12x4.5 Lenses, 2 EVS6 Ch. Nano HDR, 10 Aja KiPro SSD Recorders, Calrec Omega Audio Console, RTS Adam M coms, etc.  To see detailed PDF specs click here: PMTV-54762


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