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Business Television Production Services

PMTV SERVICES: Multi-site Satellite Video Conferences, Webcasts, Video News Releases, Satellite Media Tours, New Product Launches are all services PMTV provides for our Corporate Communications Customers. PMTV provides and manages all elements required by clients including TV Trucks, Satellite Uplinks, Downlinks, Teleports, TV Crew, ENG teams, Lighting, IMAG, Audio Services, and all affiliated services clients required. We can provide you single source Total Turnkey Solution for your Business Television productions. PMTV’s management team will design and implement a complete custom solution for your event regardless of size, scope, or locations anywhere worldwide.


YOUR CULTURE: Capturing the sights and sounds and delivering your corporate messaging event is more than just getting great shots and cuing the right microphones. It is also making sure that all vendors and crew understand and respects your corporate culture in their appearance and demeanor in addition to their technical performance. PMTV's experience and understanding of all the intricacies and facets of the corporate business environment is a key to our successful relationships with many Fortune 500 customers.


TRUST: In these challenging economic times, it is critical that Corporate Communications professionals can trust their vendors to deliver the best value and cost effective solutions. PMTV is uniquely positioned to deliver on these needs.


VALUE: Asset-owner companies are limited to only the equipment in their own inventory, are confined perhaps by limited geographical reach, or can only quote their "more (or less) than needed” services to meet the job requirement. Square pegs in Round holes happen. But PMTV's "vendor agnostic" approach and extensive, proven worldwide resources allows us to offer the best and most appropriate solutions for your production.


PMTV - The Best Resources, Best Decisions, Best Culture… The Best Value Every Time.

Corporate Television Project Examples: